A little support makes a real difference, and it inspires! My talk at Microsoft---short summary.

The Hometown Education Foundation (HEF) is an IRS approved public charity. It was founded by Prof. Tonghai Yang in 2004 to help the poor kids in China to continue their VERY BASIC Elementary through High School Education.

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These kids are in danger of dropping out of school just because their family could not afford the school expenses. Some of them lost parent(s) due to accidents or diseases, others have a family member with severe chronic disease with a major medical bill, and others have a disabled parent.

A little support goes a long way to help these kids establish a basic educational background for their future. A mere $60 helps an elementary school kid to stay in school for a whole year, and a mere $100 helps a middle school kid to stay in school for a whole year. $200 can help a poor high school student stay in school for a year.

Your generous support will make a huge difference to the needy students and their families. Please be assured that your donation goes directly to the needy students 100 percent. Prof. Yang pays the overhead in US, and his colleagues in China pay the overhead in China. Your donation is tax deductible.

You can donate by writing a check payable to the Hometown Education Foundation, and send it to

Hometown Education Foundation
c/o Tonghai Yang
9 W. Geneva Cir.
Madison, WI 53717

You are also welcome to use Paypal (left) to make a donation. You can do it even if you don't have a Paypal account. In that case, it would be great to drop me an email at thyang63@gmail.com using your regular email and give me your state name. I will send you a receipt timely.

Sponsoring one or more needy students are very welcome and greatly appreciated too if you prefer direct contact with students. Please feel free to contact Prof. Tonghai Yang at thyang63@gmail.com or (608)770-3229.

Alternatively, you can also help the poor kids using our sponsor's links on the left column, One extra click, and 1-3% of the proceed for the poor kids!

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  2. Good Search and Good Shop: You can help HEF by using Good Search for your online search. It will donate 1 cent to the HEF. You can also shop at Good Shop to benefit the poor kids (1% of the proceed). In both case, you need only to select Hometown Education Foundation - HEF and begin searching and shopping
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Please spread the words to your friends too.